Alpine pasture hikes during fall in Goldegg

Alpine Huts and Alpine Pastures in the Pongau

Enchanting and pristine landscape:  fall pulls out all the stops and turns every stroll and hike into a unique experience. Gradually and slowly change is setting in luring to hikes through variegated colors and to special locations. 

Alpine pastures lie scattered footing on steep hillsides and mountain slopes around Goldegg and throughout the entire Pongau. Some of them are within easy reach on foot straight from the Seehof Hotel. Take the time and immerse yourselves in relaxing hikes, nature will take care of the rest.


The Hacker Alpine pastures are expecting you above Lake Böndl with a gorgeous terrace and sinfully good bread baked in a wood-fired oven. looking forward to a hearty snack in between? You will be fully rewarded and can look forward to indulge in home-made produce after a 1.5 hour hike from the Seehof Hotel. The Hackeralm is open from May to end of October, closed Wednesdays.


Starting from the Weng District an approximately three-hour hike takes you to the Meislsteinalm at 1,300 meters above sea level offering breathtaking views.  Who feels up for it after a short break may continue on the Meislstein chapel circular trail. It goes without saying that you will be adequately supplied high above Goldegg (open all days except Monday).

Hochleit’n Alm

The Hochleit’n Alm can also be reached from Goldegg (in midsummer closed on Mondays and in October open on weekends and public holidays).

Alpine pastures are open until end of October.  Please consult with us on site for detailed information. The neighboring communities and by and large all of the Salzburg region offer a vast variety of charming Alpine huts.

Fall at the Seehof Hideaway

Fall can not only be golden but also gray and dreary. The Seehof Hotel offers the ideal ambiance for such days. Scarcely anwhere else but at the Seehof Hotel can one find a better hideaway, search through the hotel’s library, explore the comprehensive art collection, read a good book and pair this experience with a glass of wine. The team of the Seehof will gladly answer your no-obligation holiday inquiry!