Goldegg Trip Destinations

Highlights at your holiday location in the mountains

You will find many trip destinations right in Goldegg which you can reach on foot or by bike.

Goldegg Castle

The long history of the castle has been continued up until the present day and has still been turning Goldegg into a magnet.  Rather for people interested in culture, book lovers and seminar participants nowadays than for arch bishops, sovereigns and nobility. Goldegg Castle (by the way only 200 meters away from the Seehof Hotel)  hosts a small but fine local history museum worthwhile visiting and enabling you to gain profound insights into the region’s history and its previous residents’ lives.

Churches in Goldegg at the Lake

The church is Goldegg’s second landmark apart from the castle. This early gothic style edifice is consecrated to St. George. The baroque ceiling fresco and the gothic frescos were renovated 50 years ago and, together with the high altar on pillars are a very good reason to walk inside in a relaxed way. The daughter church in the adjacent village of Weng is also worthwhile visiting should you be walking by:  the church, with a high altar on pillars from the 17th century and hand-carved wooden figures from the 16th century, is consecrated to St. Anna and also well worth seeing.

Two Lakes

Once you come to the Seehof, you will get to know and appreciate Goldegg’s moor lake rather quickly: it is located right in front of the hotel. Crystal-clear mouuntain Lake Böndl is situated approximately an hour’s walk away and invites you to go for a swim.

Farmed Alpine Pastures

The three farmed alpine huts in Goldegg and numerous other alpine pastures in the adjacent neighboring communities are popular trip destinations from the beginning of May to October. You can hike to the Hackeralm, Hochleit’n Alm and to the Meislsteinalm in just a few hours. Kathialm is the first stop in winter when you are out and about.

Additional Trip Destinations in the Further Entourage

Afforded by ist ideal location in the geographic center of the Province of Salzburg you can reach various highlights in the Province of Salzburg. Be it with the entire family, be it on your own or à deux. A trip to the nearby city of Mozart – Salzburg – with a detour to our city restaurant M32 is highly recommendable.  The M32 Restaurant terrace on the Mönchsberg offers the best view over Salzburg’s historic city center to you. Our Seehof Team will gladly assist you in finding other useful Salzburg gems and treasures suiting everyone’s taste!

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