Winter Hiking around Goldegg

Winter at its best in the Province of Salzburg 

One has arrived where tranquility abounds when the creaking of the show soles is the only sound you can hear and you can see only glistening white snowfields around you. Winter hiking is often underestimated.  Quite to the contrary, winter wonderland has got so much more to offer.

A short post-prandial walk or a hike lasting for several hours? There are several cleared paths around Goldegg connecting old-fashioned inns or lookout points in the heart of nature that one can take advantage of. The signposted paths between the sparsely settled Goldegg farms and houses take about half an hour to two and a half hours.

What you should take along on a winter hike

Good waterproof shoes constitute the key element of any winter hike. Gaiters/ snow cuffs, not a must yet good to have, prevent snow from getting into shoes from above during a short passage through terrains where snow has not been removed.  You should therefore wear several thin layers on top of each other as temperatures when exposed to sun and shade may vary significantly.  In addition, we recommend that you take along a sufficient amount of liquids in your backpack and, when on longer hikes, also some foodstuffs. We gladly arrange provisions for you, be it tea in a thermos flask or a small lunch bag.

Back from the winter hike

There are presumably very few places which could be more suitable when coming home from a winter hike:  the cozy lounge area with a crackling fireplace and cozy couches.  Alternatively, the Alpine sauna or the steambath can dare you to feel comfortably warm again. 

Please send us your non-binding holiday inquiry  or book directly with us and thus design your individual winter holiday suiting your own preferences away from all stress factors and without feeling obliged to ski. We are very much looking forward to welcoming you!