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Der Seehof - Art Gallery and Library

"The symmetry between modern art and tradition has been achieved at the Seehof in the most pleasant way. One feels truly at home. Compliments!"

(Extract from our Seehof Guestbook)

Contemporary Art Gallery in the Hotel

In addition to being a hotel, the Seehof is also a house of contemporary art. Artistic creations by Hubert Scheibel, Erwin Wurm, Peter Kogler, Tony Cragg, Franz West, Maria Lassnig, Gerhard Richter and many other artists can be found throughout the house and in every room.  Meanwhile, the Schellhorn Collection has significantly outgrown the available wall area.  If you have some genuine interest in contemporary art, it is always worth asking about hidden treasures.  However, ‘Art @ the Seehof‘ is not limited to ‘promotion by acquisition‘.  In the ‘Helmut’s Suite’, rotating exhibitions are staged in addition to the Sepp Schellhorn stipend which constitutes a sort of artist in residency stipend.

Antiques - Art Gallery - Literature

Every age has its own quality. As elevated in importance contemporary art @ the Seehof may be, nobody around here is oblivious to traditions.  A beautiful country chest, an elaborately wrought wardrobe or also the antique rifle collection have never been traded in for contemporary design.  Time does not stand still at the Seehof. Quite to the contrary.  The furniture and fittings has been constantly evolving.  Many things which had been passed on by the great-grandparents in the last century has earned its well-deserved place here in the Pongau mountains. Art, culture and design at the Seehof have been never-ending processes.  They stand for the long-term further development of a particular individual style of strong character.  Proven old quality has never had to give way to short-term fashion.


  • THE GOOD LIFE – a series of philosophical days heralding summer @ the Seehof at the end of April (Link!). Thinkers discuss with famous and prominent public figures current topics and, in general, the question what does it take to attain a successful and happy life?
  • DISORIENTATION – a festival in honor of Thomas Bernhard – takes place every year in September. Young writers and contemporary literary works are exposed to the writings of the powerfully eloquent agitator and instigator Bernhard from Thursday to Friday throughout September.
  • LITERATURE DAYS – during the cold season. Literary days are mostly held in February. Renowned authors hold readings of their current works in small circles. For the first time readings for children were held last winter.
  • HELMUTS SUITE – designed by BLK River (Sidney Ogidan und Johanna Lackner). Exhibitions, which change twice a year, of contemporary Austrian and international artists take place in the newly designed Helmuts Suite. The Suite can also be rented as a hotel suite.

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We are very much looking forward to receiving your non-binding holiday request for the Seehof Art Hotel. Experience yourself how art and relaxation blend well together in the lakeside Hideaway.