„Who does not live here, has no clue about life“

(Rainer Nowak, Chief Editor of the Austrian daily newspaper 'DIE PRESSE')

The Seehof is the extended livingroom for artists, personalities and individualists. Many of them have left their marks in the course of the years and have immortalized their strong connection to the Seehof at the Seehof. Some of the rooms, for example, were designed by curators and artists. Our regular guest and friend architect Sepp Meier-Scupin has made a particularly strong mark with the Austro Magnum Bar.  Visitors and guests meet at the bar on their way to breakfast or to enjoy a quick coffee. The bar is also a spot-on location for a lunchtime snack.

In the afternoon it is a place for coffee and cake, in the early evening hours for an aperitif and after dinner for a digestif. Bottom line: the Austro Magnum Bar is the Seehof’s pacemaker and anchor, thus making an invaluable contribution as most guests lose track of time during their stay at the Seehof before they even notice.

Celebrate Life

There are bars where convivial evenings can be spent and there are others from which a rather intangible mixture of perceived truths and the truth itself arise on long evenings. Since such magic can basically not be put in words – partly because something unique always emerges if and when the paths of inspiring lives cross at secluded locations - let’s just put it this way: several cheerful evenings have already happened at the Seehof’s Austro Magnum Bar. Whoever seeks company, be it artists, actors and actresses, politicians, young lovers and those recently emotionally hurt. The Seehof is a house of joy and the Seehof Bar is one of those special bars whose interior wooden trim has probably experienced more than a single life. One can safely surmise that it is a bar celebrating life already for this very reason.

Bright living room at the lake

The Seehof Lounge offers a light, breezy and expansive alternative to the Austro Magnum Bar. Light shines through the tall windows from two sides. If the Seehof Lounge gets asked what one should do next its reply will generally be: nothing at all! The Seehof Lounge, the living room of the house, had been furnished with the ulterior motive of inspiring all guests to stay longer in the sofas and chairs as originally planned. In addition to fine wines a Gin Tonic lends itself for the occasion.  The sheer endless gin selection also includes many domestic gin varieties in line with the underlying regional philosophy. It goes without saying that our offer includes also home-made lemonades, numerous different types of teas and other beverages as well.

By the way, there is an uninterrupted transition from the lounge via the wood-fired oven into the library.

Be part of this vibrant place in the Hotel Seehof Goldegg and send us your no-obligation holiday enquiry for your time off with arts and literature.