Blauer Salon & Suhrkamp Library

Hotel with its own library und reading lounge

The Blue Salon is a source, to be specific, a source of illustrated books, literature and magazines. The Blue Salon stands for temporary living in a bookshop. The adjoining restaurant is the main difference compared to a magical library.

Art and Literature

Every guest has felt at home at the long wooden table of the Blue Salon. Apparently, thoughts seem to flow more swiftly when one is surrounded by masterpieces completed by artists such as Gerhard Richter all the way to Maria Lassnig.  One needs to go around quite a few corners in the Blue Salon to access the lively restaurant via the lounge and bar area.  It is mainly a retreat and getaway. Quite often guests dash out to their desks in the rooms or delve into discussions at the bar after hours of dwelling time in the Blue Salon.

Suhrkamp Library

We admittedly have not yet succeeded in reading all books available in our expansive library on the first floor. This is partly due to the fact that the library has been continuously expanding with each new Suhrkamp edition.  A library with all its books already read would be a library in which you would feel sad. It can only be a continuous source of new discoveries if the book selection abounds in perpetuity. It is always a splendid idea to travel with literature yet not really necessary during a stay at the Seehof as there is plenty to discover around here.

Among great writers one can also browse through many recent works of young authors in the collection of all Suhrkamp volumes. It has always been the Seehof’s particular endeavor to offer ample and prominent room to contemporary works of literature and visual arts.

The Seehof’s ‘Joie de vivre‘

The Seehof is a decision for those who manage and operate it and also for most of its guest. The selection of genuine retreats and locations of lively debates is vast.  None of our guest shall ever be deprived of discussions or thoughts unless one aims at clearing his/her mind. Lakes, mountains and forests are conducive to offering ample space for that.

We are looking forward to your non-binding holiday enquiry for a stay at the Seehof Hotel if conformism and mainstreaming does not correspond to your style.