Sepp Schellhorn Scholarship

Artist in Residence in the Pongau

The Sepp Schellhorn Scholarship has been enabling artists and authors to initiate new and complete projects already started in the Salzburg Alps since 2011.  

Artist in Residence in the Province of Salzburg

The Sepp Schellhorn Scholarship aims to reach young authors who can at least show their own publications by means of a book or books, printed and/or in online magazines or a newspaper. It is also geared towards already renowned authors. The authors’ works can be poetry, drama, prose or essays. The scholarship gets awarded two to three times a year. We provide a spacious apartment as well as the creative environment and the Seehof Hotel kitchen to scholarship holders during their stay at the Seehof.

Once a year a visual artist gets invited during the summer months and a small quiet studio is provided.

Literature & Readings at the Pongau Seehof

Also our scholarship holders get involved in our literature events such as readings and/or their own works.

Die bisherigen Sepp Schellhorn Stipendiaten:



Vea Kaiser (2015)
Thomas Glavinic (2014)
Bettina Erasmy (2013)
Nicolas Mahler (2013)
Carmen Stephan (2013)
Nina Bussmann (2012)
Andreas Maier (2011)

Visual Artists

Julius Deutschbauer (2012)
Degenhard Andrulat (2013)
Asli Özdemir (2014)

Do you also want to take a look over the shoulders of national and international artists and authors, then send us your no-obligation holiday enquiry for your time off at Hotel Seehof Goldegg.