Peace and power through deceleration

"And once again the magic Seehof location has given us inner peace by 'deceleration'."

(Extract from the Seehof Guestbook)

Simply Relax into doing Nothing

And once again the magic Seehof location has given us inner peace by “deceleration“. You arrive and enjoy. You don’t worry about anything and enjoy. Don’t worry, even if you are not the kind of person who can easily empty his/her mind: the Seehof has managed to have every guest thoroughly indulge in its comfortable chairs. Likewise it is easy to simply follow only the course of the sun for several hours on the Seehof terrace while being surrounded by the Salzburg Alps as well as listening to the crackling of wood in the fireplace. A hammock in the garden already suffices and the Suhrkamp Library is not even required. The comfortable furniture in the lounge, in all hotel rooms and suites meets the highest design requirements and is geared towards contributing to your relaxation.

Leisure and Idleness

Not only the Seehof life acts like the setting of a decelerated Jean-Luc Godard movie but also the Pongau mountains, the lake, the pastures and forests literally absorb time around here. The Goldegg moor lake invites for a swim at the crack of dawn – particularly at times when the hot summer days settle in cities and valleys. The Seehof Austro Magnum Bar, the food and beverages at the Seehof and the position of the sun shape the day for most of our guests while some guests roam about incessantly in the beautiful, almost kitschy, mountains of the Salzburg Alps.

Find peace and build inner strenght

We make every effort for the Seehof to remain a magical place to recharge one’s batteries. Sometimes this requires a philosophical or literary festival, an extension to the art collection or to the library, yoga or qi gong programs. All of these offerings abound at the Seehof in such density which is unparalleled in the tranquil Pongau region.  Nonetheless, there is ample reason to also focus on classic sports activities such as golf, jogging, hiking, cross-country skiing or skiing. The Seehof is in a quiet location yet situated at the heart of the Salzburg Province. Almost everything is within easy reach of a few minutes. We are looking forward to your non-binding holiday enquiry.