Authenticity & Simplicity

The natural touch

The dishes served from the kitchen of our Hecht Restaurant are characterized by recipes of many generations.

Grandma Karola’s traditional local creations, Sepp Schellhorns characteristic meat innards as well as Rudi Pichler‘s recent radical regional enrichment fabulously blended in with the already experienced, cooked and tasted.

Without a single doubt, our Hecht Restaurant excels by its authenticity, its natural flavors, its outstanding service and its cuisine.

The underlying idea of our concept gets reflected in the house’s location and history.

Our Management of the Environment

We live in a world in which one strives incessantly towards obtaining new things, making new inventions and making new experiences.  The continuous development has got nothing in common with the time we live in, it has always existed and will continue to exist.

In the Hecht Restaurant one does not encounter modern types of preparation, quite to the contrary, the simplicity of past generations gets celebrated. 

Nothing gets reinvented, we continuously develop and improve ourselves by not losing sight of our provenance and past.  

We favorably endorse and celebrate our regional cuisine in the traditional sense by putting our very personal stamp on it.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating, so to speak. We are looking forward to your non-binding holiday enquiry for your unforgettable stay at the Seehof Hotel.