1. What is a Best Price Guarantee?

The Best Price Guarantee is our promise to our customers that they will not find any more favorable offers for our hotel for the specified time and room type subject to the same terms and conditions as compared to booking via a direct reservation channel (via www.derseehof.at). 

Should a customer, who made a reservation via the reservation channels above, find a comparable and more favorable offer via a different reservation channel such as Expedia, we match this price. In addition, we will issue a EUR 25 food and beverage voucher to a customer.

2. How do you know if you have a Best Price Guarantee claim?

You must have a confirmed reservation which you made via our website www.derseehof.at or over the phone. You can call the guarantee (subject to the proviso that the price does not refer to one of the exceptions), should you find a more favorable, generally available offer for the same type of accommodation at our hotel, the same time of reservation and length of stay, for the same booking conditions and the identical number of guests in the same room category.

An email request to call on the guarantee must be received by us within 24 hours upon confirmation of the original reservation and 72 hours prior to arrival at our hotel.

Our staff members handling guarantee requests will verify it and inform the customer about the result. The customer receives a food and beverage voucher in the amount of EUR 25 redeemable directly at the hotel in case of an approved guarantee request.

3. What is the effective date of the best-price guarantee?

From December 2nd, 2011 onwards.

4. Which rates and websites are not covered by the guarantee?

Our best-price guarantee shall not apply to the subsequent rates and websites:

  • Prices on websites lacking transparency, for instance disclosing the hotel only after the reservation has been made such as Priceline, Hotwire.
  • Prices which can be booked via auction websites (e.g. ebay, animod and the like)
  • Package deals for hotels and travels offering, for instance, hotel, airline ticket, car rental, food and beverage as a full package, and/or similar package deals.
  • Special deals or negotiated prices not available to the public; these include: offers for public institutions, governments, travel agencies, employees, offline large-group or individual offers, group offers as well as other separately negotiated offers.
  • Prices for reservations which represent an extension of package deals and group deals
  • Price differences arising from currency exchange rates, VAT or the like.

5. What happens if I had booked via the website of a third party service provider and the price exceeds the one on www.derseehof.at?

In this case you have no right to compensation as we cannot guarantee that third party providers quote prices on their websites which are above our current rates prevailing from time to time. 

6. My Best Price Guarantee claim was honored by the ’Seehof Hotel’ and I now have to cancel my other reservation. Does the ’Seehof Hotel’ bear the cancellation fee incurred?

You need to make the cancellation yourself and also bear any and all of said cancellation fees if the more favorable offer had been found on a third party provider website and you also made the reservation yourself.

7. I found a more favorable offer on a website and could, however, not make a successful reservation. Can I nonetheless make a Best Price Guarantee claim?

You are not eligible.  The Best Price Guarantee is only valid for websites on which a reservation can actually be made at the indicated price.

8. I had made a reservation on www.derseehof.at. I then called the hotel within 24 hours and received a more favorable price for the same room category with the same booking conditions and for the same booking period. Can I make a Best Price Guarantee claim?  

You are not eligible. The Best Price Guarantee is only valid for websites of third party providers. In this case the more expensive offer gets canceled free of charge and we will reduce your room rate to reflect the more favorable rate.

9. A travel agency offered a more favorable rate with the same booking conditions as offered via www.derseehof.at. Can I make a Best Price Guarantee claim?

Yes.  Generally applicable room prices offered by travel agencies via a Global Distribution System or on their websites fall under the Best Price Guarantee and you can make a Best Price Guarantee claim.  Please make sure to send us your reservation confirmation and we will reduce our price to the rate as quoted by the travel agency. Cancellation fees, if any, as charged by the travel agency, shall not be borne by the ’Seehof Hotel’. The Best Price Guarantee shall apply in this case.

10. How can I obtain my food and beverage voucher?

All guests will be informed by email within 24 hours upon receipt of their Best Price Guarantee claim whether the latter got approved or declined.  The guest will receive his or her EUR 25,- voucher upon arrival at the hotel if the Best Price Guarantee gets approved.

The voucher can be redeemed in our Hecht Restaurant at the hotel. It is not transferable to other persons and cannot be compensated in cash;  the residual value can neither be redeemed on other days nor at later stays.

11. Who can I contact in case of still unanswered questions?

You can reach us via our website www.derseehof.at or by telephone at +43 (0) 6415 81370 from Monday to Friday between 9am and 6pm CET.

You can of course send us an email via our request form should you still have any other questions regarding your Best Price Guarantee claim or the Best Price Guarantee itself.