Goldegg’s Literature & Art Hotel „Seehof“

Easy living at the Lakeside Hideaway The Seehof

One can refer to the Seehof as a hotel, yet do do not have to.
In other words: how a hotel transforms into the Seehof Hideaway.

Hotel is not the right term, therefore we will come up with a more appropriate one. Maybe enchanting location? – ( Editor in Chief Michael Fleischhacker about the Seehof)

Arts & Literature hotel at the Lake in Salzburg

Have you ever been to a hotel? Have you ever visited the Seehof? Then you know the difference and do not have to read on. Otherwise, it will be of interest to you what you are letting yourself into. A hotel stands for an accommodation and catering business. ‘Eat’ and ‘sleep’ generally describes what also happens at the Seehof, thus in principle the Seehof can also be referred to as a hotel. In essence, a hotel in the Salzburg Alps, at a lake in the Pongau, with regional haute cuisine. A solitary boutique hotel where the relationship between thinking and everyday life dissipates.

A hotel abounding in a carefully collected and diligently managed art collection and a never completed Suhrkamp Library. A retreat for philosophical and literary festivals, fellowships, artists and writers. That would be the more complete and unabridged description.

We consider the Seehof as a special gem for the following reasons:

Family Team – Schellhorn

The house at the Goldegg Lake gets powered by Sepp Schellhorn. He catalyzes impassioned and intense discussions between guests from the worlds of politics and art. Almost unnoticed, Susi Schellhorn harmonizes the Seehof by creating a unique balance between creative forces and impressions and merges them by her calming influence. It is a family and a team of hosts managing the Seehof and not merely staff members. You will most likely remember that Tina served you with home-made lemonades and carefully selected wines.

You will get a hold of Rudi, the Chef de Cuisine, on much rarer occasions when he bakes fresh organic rye bread. Perhaps you meet him in his herbal or vegetable garden.  In any case, you will recognize his presence in the evening throughout his carefully selected order of courses at the Restaurant.  Christine with her foresighted routine makes sure that the Seehof simply remains a top-notch hotel despite all its special features and peculiarities. A hotel which always provides a notch better than you had expected.

‘I always told myself to be dreaming about a hotel whose hosts know exactly what their assets are and how they can offer a great deal of pleasure to others. Talent paired with modesty and simplicity. Here it is.’ (extract from the Seehof’s Guestbook)

Regional – sustainable - rewarding

Almost all products of our cuisine – be it fruit, vegetable, milk, meat, fish or mineral water – come from within a 120km range, thus keeping the ecological footprint at a minimum.  Rare vegetables, fruits and herbs grow in our own garden. Some ingredients, which do not grow in our immediate vicinity such as risotto rice or wine, come from carefully selected producers. You would be surprise how low the number of such products really is.

The Restaurant has been working on establishing a society which can still sustainably guarantee a healthy environment to our grandchildren.  This concept not only creates a deeper sense of purpose but also an experience as the kitchen operates its craftsmanship at a level beyond merely ‘better cooking’ which would not represent a measureable challenge.  The , among the handful of cuisines playing in this league, had decided to specialize in establishing a culinary concept bringing cooking and culinary experiences back to the roots of our grandparents. Breakfast is energy-rich and versatile. The regional concept captivates our guests also in winter with its variety of creative pâtés, preserved fruits and all sorts of minor culinary indulgences. 

During the day you can choose from the lunch and afternoon menu and, in the evenings, Rudi and his innovative and dynamic team arrange wonderful dishes to menus with several courses. Freshly-baked bread, herbs from the garden and fresh fish directly from the lake are also an integral and indispensable component. You can also try your luck while fishing in the Seehof Hideaway. 

The Chef’s Table in the Kitchen

The Seehof Hideaway’s ‚open kitchen‘ is open to our guests at all times. It offers the possibility to marvel at and see for themselves how the house thinks and operates. You can also reserve the Chef’s Table in the kitchen yourself in the evening if a short visit to aromas and scents asks for even more! In doing so, you can partake in the team’s activities doing what it can do best. Inspiration through food is the first level at the Seehof Hideaway.

Inspiration – art - zeitgeist

The Seehof is a living from for individualists and the Seehof is the living room of individualists. The walls are full of international contemporary art. Part of the collection can be found in every room. The bar and several rooms have been designed personally by individual artists and curators. The new ‘Helmuts Suite’ offers the opportunity to live in a small gallery hosting exhibitions of Austrian and international artists which changes twice a year. The collection lives and keeps growing continually.  Please do not hesitate and ask should you discover artistic works of particular interest to you – most likely there are more somewhere in the house.

Literatre – Libary – Suhrkamp 

Reading is an adventure in your mind and a good living room cannot do without a bookshelf. The Seehof has a library hosting all Suhrkamp first editions.  It is very unlikely for you to leave the house without having stumbled over one or the other book by Thomas Bernhard.  Reading at the Seehof is more than having a bad-weather program. The house inhales a large portion of its charisma from the books which get read and written here.  It is up to you whether you opt to indulge in reading yourself or get reenergized with the aura of writing.

Goldegg – Magical Location – Moor Lake

One feels a particular kind of energy when seeing the castle prior to arriving at Goldegg right at the end of the country road which leads from Schwarzach to Goldegg. At least, that is what many guests describe as their first impression when checking in at the reception. We do not want to advocate magic, yet the old chestnut trees on the lake terrace, the old castle and the steep wooded slopes right above the moor lake leave no one indifferent.  The grand scenery of the Pongau does not only empty your mind but also recharges your soul completely.

Tradition – Responsibility - Generation

Long and stable tradition have been transforming the Seehof Hideaway into what it is today. Tradition is a living testimony around here, something which keeps developing and, by the same token, gets nurtured and cherished with the same responsibility based on which the Seehof has been thriving.  The House is already managed  by the fifth generation based on the voluntary obligation and commitment to genuine hospitality.  Time has always stood still in the ‘Old Living Room’ whereas many of its rooms have been transforming at the Seehof Hideaway over time.  Particularly on rainy or cold days once can inhale and tangibly feel the atmosphere and ambiance of the past century.

Style – Life - Lifestyle

One inhales the Seehof as an experience, which has its roots in its high standards of accommodation as well as wining and dining. After all, it is culinary matters, art, scenery and the guests as well as the hosts which transform the Seehof into more than merely a hotel.

‘Not only the extraordinary style regarding interior design and culinary delights but, above all, the prevailing free spirit, which is indeed a rare find, has provided us with relaxing and inspiring days. May this free spirit have a contagious effect…! (extract from the Guestbook)

Reasons – Guests – Hospitality

Whether it is food, art or nature. No matter if one visits to conceive new thoughts or shed old ones or if it is about practicing sports while staying at a splendid hotel.  There are a myriad of reasons for staying at the Seehof.  We would be delighted to learn what your preferences for a stay at the Seehof are. Please do not hesitate to send us your non-binding request for a stay at the Seehof Hotel in Goldegg. 

Simply – do - nothing

It is very simple. You arrive and enjoy. Without having to worry about anything. The Seehof Hideaway in the Pongau is a natural place with spiritual energy. It is very easy to let go everyday life’s chores and indulge in ‚doing nothing‘ and relaxing. Hammocks in the garden, comfortable furniture in the lounge and in all rooms and suites, letting oneself go to enjoy some great literature or simply stare holes in the air…

Therefore a myriad of reasons to opt for the Seehof Literature & Art Hotel. You can look forward to all of them together and some more! Feel free to send us a non-committing holiday request. We would be delighted to welcome you very soon in Goldegg at the Seehof Hideaway Hotel.