All those who have already stayed with us at the Seehof, spoke of it as an enchating establishment. Others have referred to it as a ’different’ hotel, a magic place. Enjoy your holidays in a different way, in a guesthouse so to speak, which it is undoubtedly.

We have always wanted a guesthouse, or better still, a house for friends. We have been developing and revamping the Seehof to live up to that image, thus being able to offer a holiday to our guests which would also be according to our taste. Just the way we would thoroughly enjoy a vacation.

A healthy and trendsetting diet without compromising undulgence and gluttony. Magnificent rooms and generous suiten with most magnificent art and artists at the hotel. Let yourself be enchanted...

Quality Time Together
from € 640.- per person
Golf days
from € 870.- per person