Events and Culture in the Pongau

The Goldegg Castle

Goldegg Castle does not intend to rest on its laurels. The massive castle sits in a central location of the Pongau and dominates Goldegg to this day since the 12th century (according to other sources since the 14th century). Meanwhile its facilities get used as a seminar and cultural center hosting a variety of congresses, concerts, cabarets, seminars and exhibitions.

The Seehof Hotel is not even 200 meters’ beeline from the Goldegg Castle. 

Cultural and Event Venue

Be it book presentations, cabaret evenings, concerts ranging from classical music to Jazz or film presentations:  the charmingly beautiful and introspective village in the Pongau offers a diverse program all year round with Goldegg Castle. In addition, this program gets complemented by the Goldegg Autumn Meetings or the Goldegg Dialogues. It is always worthwhile getting a sneak preview of the program.

History of Goldegg Castle

It can no longer be fully established today whether a Salzburg aristocrat laid the foundations for the first Goldegg Castle in the 12th century or it got constructed in the 14th century. The fact is, however, that the castle has often changed hands: several trade routes led through the area and the castle was attractive due to its efficient (as it had been located high above) and central position at the center of today’s Salzburg region. The situation changed quite strikingly, however and Goldegg became less important. Following the death of the indebted Count the irrevocable decline followed suit in 1612:  the remaining functions got transferred to Fortress Hohenwerfen under Salzburg’s Archbishop Wolf Dietrich.

Museum Goldegg

Parts of Castle Goldegg got transformed into a museum.  A museum of local history emerged thanks to the writer Prof. Nora von Watteck and her large range of collected exhibits.  The life of times long gone is brought back to life and gets complemented by the other rooms of the castle.

Meetings and Seminars in Goldegg

The castle may be of interest to you should you still be looking for a suitable venue for a business appointment. The seminar rooms have state-of-the-art facilities and offer the ideal ambiance for thinking. The refurbished and comfortable rooms give a sense of gravity and grounding and nip any office tunnel vision in the bud. Castle Goldegg gets also very often chosen as a venue for discussion for social and political topics.

Do come by at the Seehof Hotel and feel free to have a look at the castle’s program. You have come to the right place if you would like to pair a cozy home with your meeting or seminar. We are looking forward to answering your no-obligation holiday inquiry and to welcomming you in our establishment.