Advent Season & Christmas in Goldegg in Salzburg

Contemplative Pre-Christmas period and St. Nicholas Target Shooting at Goldegg’s Seehof Hotel

The Goldegg Advent Season captivates your attention through its charming and magic atmosphere: the original flair of bygone days of the magnificent region in the wintery Salzburg region coupled with wonderful Advent tales and concerts as well as tasty delicacies at traditional Christmas stands turns the pre-Christmas period in Goldegg into an unforgettable experience.

You can indulge in the Advent Season with us at the Seehof away from all the hustle and bustle, for instance at the traditional “St. Nicholas Shooting”

St. Nicholas Shooting – a new old tradition in Salzburg

The admittedly ‘peculiar’ custom to kill time with target shooting emerged during the Advent period when snowed in since one could not only pass time with card games in the olden days. We have revitalized this tradition although it had almost faded into oblivion and can assure you that the Advent weekend of 4th – 6th December and, in particular, the Saturday evening will be very exciting days at the Seehof Hotel.

A Series of Events in December in Goldegg

Experience contemplative days of the Advent period in the Salzburg region by participating in special events around the castle and the Goldegg Lake. Living customs idyllically embrace the serene winter landscape around your Seehof Hotel: 

  • The traditional „Mary’s Chant“ takes place on 8th December at 7pm in the Goldegg Catholic Church
  • Experience magnificent harp sounds at Goldegg Castle on 12th and 19th December following the motto “silent days – rough nights“
  • We celebrate the Thomas Night and the Winter Solstice with mystical tales, burning incense and torches on the 21st of December at Goldegg Lake
  • and a traditional Advent and Christmas walk gives you the opportunity on several different dates (13th, 20th and 26th December from 5pm to 8pm) to experience Goldegg’s landscape illuminated by the magical light of torches.
  • Enjoy the 27th December with a Christmas concert of the Goldegg Brass Ensemble „Festival Brass“ in the castle’s Knight’s Hall taking you on a journey throughout the history of music.

The Goldegg Christmas Market on Salzburgs countryside

The picturesque Advent market in Castle Goldegg forms a highlight during the Goldegg Advent period.  Numerous Christmas stands invite you in the castle’s historic courtyard to stroll, indulge and linger on.  You can enjoy the contemplative spirit and atmosphere with hot mulled wine, Christmas cookies and other traditional Christmas delights during your Advent-time walk in the castle’s courtyard.

Christmas Market Highlights in Salzburg:

  • Living Manger with Donkey and Sheep
  • Christkindl Post Office
  • Angel Photo Studio
  • Manger/ Nativity Scene Exhibitions
  • Works of local artists
  • Cozy get-together at the wooden fireplace

Dates of the Christmas Market:

2nd Advent weekend: 8th December from 2pm – 6pm
3rd Advent weekend: 12th December from 3pm to 8pm and 13th December from 2pm to 8pm
4th Advent weekend: 19th December from 3pm to 8pm and 20th December from 2pm to 6pm

The Advent & Christmas period in Salzburg will still be pretty quiet yet not dull at all. Please do not hesitate to send us a non-committing inquiry for your start into the winter season at the Seehof Hotel in Goldegg.